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You-Earn-Money.co.uk is the web site that allows you to earn some much-needed extra money in these very difficult times.

How does it work?

Firstly, have a look at our web-sites.
They include:- (links open in a new browser window)

We have around 700 other global web-sites and domain names.

And we are now starting to invite advertisers onto all of these web-sites.

As long as the advertisement is acceptable to us, we place a 100 word advertisement, in English, on one of the appropriate sites and charge them £50 [Sterling] per annum.

What's in the advert?

Advertisers can provide the name and address of their company or business; a description of their services; phone and fax numbers and web-site address .... all for £50 [Sterling] only, to reach a potential global market for one year.

Even a local newspaper in the UK charges £100, or more, for a small advertisement for one week, and that only reaches a few thousand readers with its circulation.

We charge only £50 [Sterling] ....for a whole year on any one of our web-sites of the customer's choice!

Any sort of business, big or small, can advertise on our inter-linked sites.

They can be:-

Here's how YOU earn money

There are two ways to earn.

First: if you obtain advertising for any of our sites on the above terms, we will pay you £10 [sterling] commission, or 20 per cent of the first fee that we obtain from the business doing the advertising.

This is as long as the business confirms by email that you are the person who has obtained the advertisement for the web-site.

The confirmation from the advertiser is vital. You will be paid £10 Sterling commission, by cheque, as soon as we are paid the £50 Sterling by the advertiser.

Second: we have many global internet domains for sale, at various prices that need to be acceptable to us.

For example, we sold visitcalifornia.co.uk for £1200 Sterling to the California Travel and Tourism Authority.

If you secure a customer prepared to pay an acceptable price (it can be a negotiable price) for one of these domain names, we will pay you 20 per cent as a commission, as long as the domain purchaser states that you are the person who secured the sale for us.

Any business in an area can utilise a 'visit-place' domain, very profitably.

For example, any business in the whole Cotswolds area would do well on the internet by constructing a web-site around our valuable domain name visitcotswolds.com.

If you find a buyer for the domain resulting in a definite sale, we give you 20 per cent commission of the price paid, once we have been paid by the purchaser of the domain.

Let's do it then...

Please contact info@you-earn-money.co.uk if you manage to attract an advertiser.

We emphasise that the advertiser must pay us £50 [Sterling] in advance [for 100 word advertisement for one year], and you must state your name and address as the "salesperson" before we can pay you the £10 commission. This fee will then be payable by cheque to you after the advertisement appears on the appropriate web-site. Please forward your name and address to the advertiser and ask them to contact us as soon as possible.


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